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Kate Rosenfeld

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I learned to play the violin in grade school and continued to play throughout college. However, going to med school, becoming a hematologist and raising three daughters meant my violin disappeared into the basement for about 40 years. I took it with me, though, as I moved from Colorado to Minnesota to Maryland to Maine to Washington and back to Maine. Over the years, I’d mention to my husband how much I loved playing in my college orchestra, and when he was unable to locate my instrument in the basement, he rented a violin and gave it to me for my birthday in 2012. What could I do, but try to play it. I found I loved playing even more than way back when, and even enjoyed practicing(!)
I can hardly believe that I am playing in a community orchestra of this caliber, with Rohan Smith as director. It’s a privilege and joy to be in the company of such fine musicians. The sense of community, both within the orchestra and the audience, is also important to me.
Playing in the orchestra has brought a new dimension to my family life. My husband hasn't missed a concert, and my daughters attend regularly. It’s a delight to hear them talk about which pieces they enjoy most.