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Suki Flanagan

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When asked at age five if I would like to take music lessons, I said, “Yes, I want to play the harp!” Thus I began piano lessons, as there was a piano, but no harp in our house. Years later the interest surfaced again, and I started harp lessons at age 16.

I had no intention of becoming a professional musician, but had the opportunity to study with one of the harp's greatest teachers, Lucile Lawrence, and so ended up majoring in music in college, and then continuing with a Masters degree in harp performance. Although I planned to have a more practical career than as a freelance musician, I never seemed to find the time--there was always so much to practice!

I have been playing with the MSO since we moved to Maine in 2009, and am delighted to be part of a group so friendly, organized, willing to tackle adventurous music, and filled with hard-working musicians! Whenever possible, I like to “infect” the world with harp knowledge, through school presentations, student lessons, and a summer “Hands-On-Harp” introduction to the instrument.

When the harp gives me time off, I love to read, sew and knit, garden, bike, hike, kayak, and gently cross-country ski. At the moment, however, all free time is taken up by our Great Dane puppy.


Photo credit: © Jeff Morris/the Pierce Studio